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Dermatological Trials

IRSI is a leader in biophysical instrumental analyses and visual and tactile dermatological assessment, offering quality performance of safety and in-use trials. The reliable results from each of these trial types performed at IRSI may be used to make strategic marketing determinations and to substantiate marketing claims for a vast array of pharmaceuticals and Over-The-Counter treatments, cosmetics, "cosmeceutical" products, and other product types which may come into contact with human skin.

In addition to many others, we have extensive experience testing the following products and their associated application systems:

  • Cosmetics, including mascaras and eye color products, and lip plumpers and balms
  • Cleansers, bath treatments and shampoos
  • Moisturizers
  • Anti-aging treatments including chemical peels
  • Skin brightening treatments
  • Anti-acne products
  • Wound-healing products
  • Topical psoriasis and eczema treatments


Key staff members are trained under the guidance of our contract dermatologists and in-house experts at IRSI. Each trainee is oriented to the complexities of human skin and to a uniform standard of analysis. They must show their capability by grading side-by-side with an expert before being considered an expert skin grader themselves.


IRSI is very proud of the fact that we were the first clinical trials firm to offer Cosmetrics™ analysis, and we continue to be a leader in this exciting area of non-invasive dermatological assessment. Using this instrument, we can analyze the melanin, collagen, and hemoglobin content of the uppermost layers of skin. We also have extensive experience with the following instrumental skin analyses:

  • Cosmetrics™ (Presence and concentration of melanin, collagen and hemoglobin)
  • Nova Meter (Moisturization)
  • Skicon (Moisturization)
  • Corneometer (Deep Moisturization)
  • Dermalab (Trans-Epidermal Water Loss / Barrier and Elasticity)
  • D-Squame (Exfoliation and Moisturization)
  • Sebumeter (Oil content)
  • Chroma Meter (Skin Color)
  • Replica (Skin Topography / Lines & Wrinkles)
  • Thermography (skin surface temperature changes)