Recruiting at IRSI...

IRSI's professional recruiting staff has over twenty-five years of collective experience successfully recruiting subjects for both pharmaceutical and cosmetic trials. Our Recruiters strive to meet or exceed the patient quotas of every trial that IRSI undertakes. They also pride themselves on providing honest and accurate recruiting projections to clients and the Sales staff, adding value to the feasibility analysis of any trial for which IRSI is being considered.

For Trial Sponsors

IRSI's web-based recruiting system contains thousands of subject profiles. Each new subject's demographic data is captured along with a complete history of known physician- and self-diagnoses. Demographic updates, further diagnoses and medication information are continuously updated as subjects participate in subsequent IRSI clinical trials. This dynamic database is easily queried to produce rosters of qualified subjects for each trial, allowing efficient use of resources and shortened recruiting lead times for all studies.

IRSI's recruiting staff ensures that qualified subjects are recruited for each individual trial, and that each subject is fully informed about key trial aspects and expectations. Prior to making the first call, a customized recruiting plan is developed according to each trial protocol. If we determine that advertising in print or radio is required to supplement the internal database, our familiarity with local media ensures not only that the most up-to-date criteria used in the recruiting process but also that enrollment is accomplished in a cost-effective manner.

For Trial Participants

IRSI conducts trials concurrently. Therefore, active recruiting is occurring continuously. Some important items to note:

  • We perform outpatient trials only.
  • We participate in clinical trials and offer medical monitoring and evaluation related only to any given trial and/or the results thereof. We are not a treatment clinic.
  • We do overbook our studies in order to ensure that our client-driven panelist quota will be met even if cancellations occur. (However, we do offer compensation for overbooking according to our policy.)
  • You must be qualified to participate in a clinical trial. Completing the panelist registration form and/or an informed consent form does not guarantee your participation in a trial.
  • If you would like to be compensated for your participation in a trial, you must inform us of your social security number at the time of your participation. We issue checks on a 1099-basis.

To register with IRSI as a potential panelist, simply call to us

1-800-548-0158 ext.152.