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Why their partnership works: Having both spent more than a decade in the clinical studies business

For 43 years, IRSI, a genuinely American company, acts in partnership with its clients, offering services that contribute with the cosmetic market in its constant search for innovation.

Thus, as part of its strategy, it has formed a business partnership with a research laboratory in Brazil, fourth country in the world rank of HPPC consumption.

Brazil has the biggest diversity in skin and hair, which provides our clients with a competitive advantage, making available to American consumers products that more adapted to their needs.

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Considered the biggest laboratory in Latin America, Allergisa joins the IRSI team with a group of investigators and statisticians, increasing the capacity of delivering results and the quality standard of our services.

Allergisa has in its database around 28.000 study subjects registered, with the most various characteristics: morphological, physiological and behavioral ones, increasing IRSI’s recruitment capacity in seven times.

Just like IRSI, Allergisa is registered by FDA and accredited by Brazilian organizations, with protocols accepted and validated by the great market players.

Allergisa has its own infrastructure with laboratories dedicated to tests on safety, photoprotection, image analysis and hair efficacy, in addition to 5 acclimatized rooms and 2 Hot Rooms. It has the capacity of providing service to up to 350 subjects a day