Why their partnership works: Having both spent more than a decade in the clinical studies business

For 43 years, IRSI, a genuinely American company, acts in partnership with its clients, offering services that contribute with the cosmetic market in its constant search for innovation.

Thus, as part of its strategy, it has formed a business partnership with a research laboratory in Brazil, fourth country in the world rank of HPPC consumption.

Brazil has the biggest diversity in skin and hair, which provides our clients with a competitive advantage, making available to American consumers products that more adapted to their needs.

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Considered the biggest laboratory in Latin America, Allergisa joins the IRSI team with a group of investigators and statisticians, increasing the capacity of delivering results and the quality standard of our services.

Allergisa has in its database around 28.000 study subjects registered, with the most various characteristics: morphological, physiological and behavioral ones, increasing IRSI’s recruitment capacity in seven times.

Just like IRSI, Allergisa is registered by FDA and accredited by Brazilian organizations, with protocols accepted and validated by the great market players.

Allergisa has its own infrastructure with laboratories dedicated to tests on safety, photoprotection, image analysis and hair efficacy, in addition to 5 acclimatized rooms and 2 Hot Rooms. It has the capacity of providing service to up to 350 subjects a day


The world is going through an extreme moment of challenges and changes affecting everyone. IRSI, a major US research facility, is preparing to start a new cycle of achievements within the company. The year 2020 has been marked by adverse conjunctures and intensification in the competitive scenario: the search for prevention and well-being is driving innovation beyond cosmetics and nutrition. Furthermore, consumers are motivated to adopt a healthier lifestyle, stimulating both a “green consumption” and conscious, while companies are increasingly focused on the development of new technologies. In this context, IRSI, which has been operating in the American market since 1977, expanded its service to the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries and established an alliance with Allergisa, a Brazilian company with more than 30 years of experience in the dermocosmetic market - this partnership is essential to guarantee the strengthening and competitiveness in the coming years.

Specialized in dermatological safety and efficacy tests, IRSI is a leader in instrumental biophysical analysis of the effects of test products on human skin condition. Their portfolio completes the extensive experience in phase I-IV Rx and OTC clinical trials in several clinical indications: acid indigestion, diabetes, weight loss, constipation, common cold and cough, smoking cessation, pediatric safety test and tolerance odor threshold. The IRSI volunteer database is made up of more than 8,000 registrants and IRSI is dedicated to the health and safety of patients who enroll in their studies and the integrity of the results of these studies.

In Latin America, Brazil is the main market with 48.6% of all hygiene and beauty products. In the cosmetic area, the Brazilian market is the 4th largest, with a turnover of US $ 30 billion per year, representing 6.2% of worldwide participation, according to data from ABIHPEC (Brazilian Association of the Personal Hygiene, Perfumery and Cosmetics Industry).

Allergisa has its own medical team for safety studies, which is integrated with a team of statisticians, adding faster data analysis. The company has a physical structure of 5,000 m2, with 6 air-conditioned rooms and 2 saunas with controlled temperature and humidity, designed to provide the best conditions for the most diverse assessments. Among the variety of efficacy and safety services, the following stand out: dedicated in vitro laboratory for evaluating hair products, UVA, UVB and water resistance photoprotection laboratory, dedicated and accredited laboratory for calibrating optical equipment and dedicated laboratory for safety studies. The laboratories are accredited by Brazilian agencies and recognized by the FDA.

The Allergisa database consists of more than 30,000 registered volunteers with different morphological, physiological and behavioral characteristics. For the most varied testing programs, maximum attention is given to regulatory and ethical standards and the company follows a precise protocol with high reliability, traceability and quality of the data generated.

With the partnership with Allergisa, IRSI is prepared for the future, expanding the portfolio of dermatological safety and efficacy tests. IRSI will continue its recognized success path covering over 40 years, we remain focused on the company's sustainability and renew our commitment to always generating value for customers, employees, shareholders, and the community.

--> Stephen Schwartz