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Give consumers confidence that your products are effective and safe

Cosmetic and pharmaceutical products that reach consumers go through several evaluations to avoid the occurrence of unwanted effects, such as allergy and irritation. Product testing should be done by manufacturers to offer a safe product to consumers, following guidelines recommended by regulatory agencies, such as the FDA, or by country-specific legislation.

For a product to be considered “Non-Comedogenic”, an assessment is made of the potential for the formation of comedones (blackheads and whiteheads). The expression "Non-Acnegenic" is used in products that have been subjected to tests that assess the potential to form or worsen pimples (open and closed comedones as well as inflammatory and non-inflammatory lesions). Products for sensitive skin are evaluated using a clinical skin compatibility test and tests under real conditions of use (USE Test). A product considered hypoallergenic has less potential to cause allergic reactions.

Human clinical tests are essential for companies to offer consumers products with greater safety and with the lowest risk of use. The information resulting from the tests is important to determine the mode and location of use, warnings that must be on the label, and guidelines for customer service. After all, no company wants its product to cause allergies, irritation, or discomfort to the consumer, which can damage its image in the market.

The results obtained from the tests carried out at IRSI are reliable and can be used to do strategic marketing and to support claims for numerous pharmaceutical products and OTC treatments, such as cosmetics and other topical products that may come into contact with human skin.

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