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Evaluate the effects of your products hydration and prove your claims

Skin hydration is an important condition for the maintenance of a proper skin barrier function leading to a healthy appearance. Moisturizers and hydrators both address the importance of making sure the skin is getting all the water it needs to fight dryness and dehydration, premature signs of aging, and environmental damage. Nevertheless, the difference lies mostly in how they go about achieving these results.

Hydration refers to the water content within the cells that leads them to swell and be plump and elastic, thus reflecting light well. If the cells are dehydrated, they can become shrunken, which leads to lacking brilliance, radiance, and vitality. A topical hydrator infuses the cells with water and improves the skin’s ability to absorb moisture and nutrients. On the other hand, moisturizing is about trapping and sealing in moisture to build the skin’s protective barrier, prevent water loss and keep the skin soft and smooth.

Therefore, hydrating and moisturizing products are commonly used to restore physiological hydration in skin dryness conditions while helping to prevent and reduce water evaporation from the skin, allowing the skin to rehydrate from within.

IRSI can evaluate the effect of cosmetic products on hydration and support the following claims:

  • Dermatologically tested: clinical efficacy assessment by a dermatologist;
  • Clinically proved: supported by dermatological clinical assessment;
  • Improves skin’s natural barrier: measuring device for the assessment of the water loss;
  • Moisturizing, combats dehydration and moisturizes for up to ‘x’ hours: clinical efficacy assessment and self-assessment;
  • Soothes and softens skin: self-assessment.

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