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International Research Services Inc.

International Research Services, Inc. (IRSI) is a privately held clinical research company founded in 1977 by Stephen Schwartz. IRSI serves the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

Specializing in dermatological safety and efficacy testing, IRSI is a leader in biophysical instrumental analysis of the effects of test products on human skin condition. Additionally, IRSI has phase I-IV Rx and OTC trial experience in numerous other clinical indications including acid indigestion, diabetes, weight loss, constipation, common cold/cough, smoking cessation, pediatric safety testing, and odor threshold tolerance.

IRSI's database of over 8,000 patients can be easily queried to sort by inclusion/exclusion criteria for any particular study. Our internal recruiting department allows for rapid start-up of recruiting activities, and accurate recruitment of appropriate patients. Our business model also allows for the utilization of a central or independent IRB, at the client's discretion.

In addition to being a responsive

focused clinical trial partner to our clients, IRSI is dedicated to the health and safety of the patients who enroll in our studies, and to the integrity of our trial results.

To this end, utmost attention is given to regulatory and ethical standards, and to protocol adherence and accurate reporting.

Quality checks are performed at critical points throughout the study process. Further, one hundred percent of compiled statistical data is verified against associated data records.

Finally, IRSI's professionalism is evident to sponsors and patients alike in our superb customer service and our energized yet cordial atmosphere at both research sites. We invite you to visit us!

To make arrangements for a visit or to simply find out more about IRSI's capabilities, contact us!

IRSI, now part of ALS Group

A company leader in testing, inspection, certification and verification with over 15.000 staff members and 350 facilities in 65 countries.

Its laboratories process, every year, 40 million samples and are strategically located in Australia, Asia, North and South America, Europe, Middle East and Africa, being one of the biggest analytical laboratories of the world.

"We’ll expand our services offer, providing culture and business strategy aligned altogether."

ALS and Investiga Group start a new stage that proceeds with the union of two legacies, two brands that come together and result in one single and complementary proposal.

With simple, fundamental values incorporated in all operations:

  • • Safety is a Priority
  • • Honesty and Integrity
  • • Belief in our Capacity
  • • Hard Work and Continuous Improvement
  • • Exceeding Clients’ Expectations
  • • Development of People
  • • Giving our best
  • • Celebrating Success

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